Curriculum Vitæ


University of Oxford: MSc in Statistical Science


  • Applied and computational statistics, statistical machine learning and statistical inference

École polytechnique


  • Majors in Applied Mathematics and Data Science, Computer Science, and Physics
  • Distinctions: Outstanding Investment, Outstanding Leadership

Lycée Privé Sainte-Geneviève, Versailles: Preparatory classes to French Grandes Écoles


  • Majors in Mathematics and Physics

Work experience

Sysnav: Real-time geolocalization algorithm on an embedded device

March-August 2017

  • mathematical modelling of the human walk
  • step detection using artificial intelligence on inertial sensors data
  • statistical methods for trajectory reconstruction
  • Award: Best Research Internship 2017, from École polytechnique
  • Outline of the confidential report (PDF, in French) and slides

Natixis London Branch, Global Infrastructure and Projects: Intern Analyst

June-August 2016

Origination and execution of project finance transactions: offshore windfarms, hydroelectric dams, and a biomass power plant now under construction in northeastern England.

French Engineering Corps: Army officer


Operation Sangaris: Military intervention in the Central African Republic.

  • Instructor for new recruits for 4 months (around 30 soldiers)
  • Security Officer during the building of a Bailey bridge in Bangui
  • Participation in an intelligence gathering mission in the Northeastern part of the country
  • French Republic Distinctions: Overseas Medal, National Defence Medal

Scientific projects

Topological Data Analysis of time-dependent networks


  • Master's thesis, joint work with Oxford's Department of Statistics and Mathematical Institute
  • Application of the recent advances in Topological Data Analysis (TDA) and Persistent Homology to multilayer and temporal networks
  • Ongoing project

Research work on Community Detection in Social Networks


  • Comparison of the performance of state-of-the-art algorithms (theory and implementations)
  • Application to large-scale, real-world social networks
  • Dissertation (PDF, in French) and slides

SERB X-CubeSat II program: a nano-satellite dedicated to Sun-Earth relationship


Research work on Markov Chains and Queuing Theory


Languages and skills

Computer science



  • Statistical modelling and inference (generalised linear models, bayesian analysis)
  • Data analysis: Tidyverse
  • Network analysis: igraph

C, Java: Embedded and network programming, scientific computing

SQL: Basics

Haskell, Lisp (Scheme): Hobby projects (N-body simulation, SAT solver, Advent of Code 2017)

Software: Git, GNU/Linux, LaTeX, Amazon AWS, Wolfram Mathematica, Microsoft Office

See also a complete list of my skills in Statistics, Data Science and Machine Learning.


  • French
  • English
  • Basic German


vice-president of the 2016 X-SYSTRA International Fencing Challenge; 29th in the 2016 sabre French Student Championships
CMAS * * *, 170+ dives